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Perfect Material of Choice

Perfect Material of Choice

Our experts and experience teams sources unique beauty, character and versatile nature of this stone

Bluestone pavers are highly recommended primary paving materials. Whether for indoor use or outdoor application, this can be your perfect material of choice.

Bluestone in Melbourne is well-known for being an everlasting natural material. A beautiful bluestone paving remains always “fashionable”, “stylish” and “sophisticated” look.

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Water Properties

Bluestone Paver units are extensively used in indoor and outdoor applications because of their unique beauty, and versatile nature

Bluestone is recommended for pool areas because of its non-slip property. Each bluestone possesses a unique texture that complements with water properties

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Bluestone Water Properties

Outdoor and Indoor

Bluestone Pavers Outdoor and Indoor use

NON-SLIP Characteristic

Backyard and porch encourage healthy living with stunning walkways. Since this natural bluestone has a non-slip characteristic, it is perfect for this area.

Driveways. Have a grand entrance whenever you enter your premises with an appealing designed and finely built driveway.

Bathrooms: Your bathroom will surely take on a new life when you use for its floor and walls. Bluestone is perfect these areas because of its non-slip and water resistant properties

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Crazy Bluestone pavers in large formats is AVAILABLE


Our Special Offers

Dropdown Bullnose

600 x 300 x 20 x 50 

$33 .00

per unit
  • We supply many projects in Victoria
  • Choice of different sizes, colours and surfaces
  • Supply to your specific or customize requirements
  • Our expert’s sources top quality raw materials

Honed Bluestone

600 x 300 x 20

$8 .80

per unit
  • Commercials and residential markets
  • We can supply to your customise requirements
  • From top quality
  • Top Price

Swan Bluestone

600 x 300 x 20

$8 .80

per unit
  • Top Quality
  • Warehouse Price
  • Local Pickup
  • Years of experience

Other sizes in Bluestone pavers available


Bullnose coping pavers

Bullnose/Coping Pavers

600x300x30 Round, 500x500x30 Round, 800x400x30 Round.  

Drop Face Bullnose/Coping Pavers

600x300x20/50 Drop Face, 800x400x20/50 Drop Face, 1000x500x20/50 Drop Face. 600x300x20/70 Drop Face, 800x400x20/70 Drop Face

Corner drop face and round bullnose is available

drop face bullnose coping pavers

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