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Specialist supplier of pool pavers which supplies quality natural stone products in an exciting range of colours finishes and textures across our ranges of Sandstone, Bluestone, Granite, and Travertine.

Standard sizes are generally available for immediate delivery and we can supply custom sizes to suit your specific requirements.

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dropface pool

Dropface Pool

We do round shape coping pavers, L dropface pool pavers or round dropface pool pavers.

We can supply and install or supply only.


Standard sizes are Round Shape

600x300x30, 500x500x30, 800x400x30.

L dropface

600x300x20x50, 600x300x20x70, 800x400x20x50, 800x400x20x70, 1000x350x20x50 and 1000x500x20x50

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