Classic Travertine Pavers Bullnose

Classic Bullnose – 610x406x30


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Top Quality Travertine
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Travertine Pavers Bullnose Round Classic 610x406x30

We sell our Travertine Paversdirectly to the public, saving you money!


Our products are of premium quality. We ensure that all our Bullnose Round Classic Travertine Pavers are cut and polished by hand, with no use of machines or automated processes. This ensures a superior finish without any imperfections.


These bullnose-round classic travertine pavers offer a durable surface for your outdoor area. They can withstand heavy traffic from people, pets, and vehicles. Their non-slip surface also makes them perfect for slippery areas such as steps.


If you’re looking for stunning patio pavers that will add value to your home, then look no further! Our Bullnose Round Classic Travertine Pavers come in various sizes and colours to suit every taste and style.

Make your garden or driveway stand out from the crowd!

610x406x12 $45 sqm and 30mm $62.00 sqm.
French pattern 12mm $45.00 sqm and 30mm $62.00 sqm.
Bullnose 610x406x30 $24.00 and Straight edge 600X300X30 $16.00 Piece.
Dropface 610x406x30x50 $47.00 Unit.