Travertine Pavers

Classic – 610x406x30


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Classic Travertine Pavers 610x406x30MM

Bring your backyard to life! Our pavers are the most premium quality available. We don’t sell to distributors, dealers or wholesalers. This means you get a better price and can deal directly with us!


These Classic Travertine Pavershave has been selected for their stunning appearance, durability and long-lasting qualities. They are perfect for your home or business.


Each paver is hand-cut from natural quarried stone and then individually selected by skilled craftsmen to create a beautiful flooring surface. The result is a stunning non-slip surface that will last for generations to come! Our premium quality Classic Travertine Pavers have been designed to provide maximum visual appeal while maintaining durability for long-lasting. Make sure you hurry and get your hands on these stunning Classic Travertine Pavers.