Silver Travertine Pavers



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Silver Travertine Pavers

Direct to YOU!

Our stunning natural stone pavers have been sourced directly from the quarry to save you time and money.

Top Quality Travertine Pavers

Our silver travertine pavers are hand-selected for their superior quality, durability, and beauty. They will withstand the test of time!

The Most Durable Travertine Pavers On The Market 

The step treads are a minimum of 12mm thick, which is perfect for outdoor use. They won’t crack or break easily like other cheaper brands on the market.

These stunning natural silver travertine pavers will last a lifetime with minimal maintenance required (just sweep or hose down). You’ll love them so much that you’ll never want to replace them!

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610x406x12 $57 sqm and French pattern 12mm $57.00.
610x406x30 sqm and 30mm $82.00 sqm.

Bullnose 610x406x30 $30.00 and Straight edge 600X300X30 $20.50 Piece.
Dropface 610x406x30x50 $59.00 Piece.


Price Per Sqm.