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Travertine Pavers are a favourite flooring choice for designers, architects, and home owners and are available in a wide variety of styles, perfect for pool and entertaining areas.


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Natural stone with versatile properties

Travertine is a natural stone such as Marble, Granite, Limestone. The key difference between Travertine and other natural stones lies in the formation of the rock, the hardness of the stone and the appearance.

Some of the most popular Travertine are Classic and Silver.

We also supply Limestone and Marble pavers.

Travertine products usually have the following finishes: Tumbled, Honed, Brushed, Unfilled, Filled & Honed, Bush Hammered, and Polished.

Travertine Pavers stay cool underfoot even at noontime, it is a 100% natural color, easy to install and increases the value of your home with it's sleek and refined appearance.

Where Can You Install Travertine Pavers?

Travertine pavers are very versatile, and you can use them for a variety of purposes in your home and garden. Travertine offers superb value for money and looks great for decades! What more could you ask for?

Here are some examples of how you can use travertine pavers:

Patios & Walkways

Travertine pavers are a popular choice for patios and walkways because they are easy to maintain and always look stunning! The choice of textures and colours makes it easy to coordinate them with your home décor.


Use travertine pavers for kitchen countertops or barbecue areas. Many homeowners want a luxurious statement kitchen, and adding countertops in the form of travertine pavers achieves an incredible looking kitchen!

Fireplace Hearths & Outdoor Fire Pits

Travertine pavers make a stunning hearth or fire pit surround. They are tough and dense, resist heat and can withstand rain, and look beautiful!

Wall Cladding

This is a common application for travertine pavers. The rough texture of this natural stone makes it ideal for adding rustic, dramatic architectural detail to any home.

Outdoor Paving

Travertine comes in a variety of colours. It can be placed outdoors and is ideal for creating garden stepping stones and numerous other paving options.

Steps, Treads and Capping

Travertine pavers are durable and non-slip. Use them to add a unique accent to outdoor landscaping, such as garden steps, treads and wall capping.
Travertine is low-maintenance, long-lasting, and stunningly beautiful. That's why it makes the perfect addition to any home, indoors or outdoors!

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